Meet the Brand: Netillah

Photo: Courtesy of Netillah What inspired you to start your company, Netillah? Netillah was started by Orly Wahba. Her inspiration was to have more meaningful mitzvot. She started it in order to enhance people’s homes along with their mitzvot. Netilat Yehdayim is a huge mitzvah. Keeping our hands clean also keeps our bodies and souls […]

Meet the Artist & Rabbi: Rabbi Shmuel Polin

Photo: Courtesy of Rabbi Shmuel Polin Besides working on your impressive reconstruction project, Opening The Ark Project, you are also a Rabbi and Artist. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background? I have always been fascinated by the intersections of art and theology. As a child, I learned from my father […]

Meet the Seeker: Zevi Slavin

Photo: Courtesy of Zevi Slavin Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.  I grew up in the Chabad community of Sydney, Australia; exposing me at a very young age to both the raw beauty of nature, living near the breathtaking Australian shoreline, and to the rigorous system of philosophical mysticism of Hasidic […]

10 Yiddish Words You Have To Know

Shop: WordPlayGifts Photo: Courtesy of Etsy Growing up in Europe, I was always surrounded by European Jewish culture. While I was still at university, I once found myself standing in the linguistics department’s library waiting for a friend to finish one of their classes. Browsing through some of the oldest books our alma mater had […]

Meet the Textile Artist: Miriam Cocker

Photo: Courtesy of Miriam Cocker Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I come from a very creative family. My mum moonlights as a print maker and textile artist, my dad is a nature writer and my sister is a ceramic artist and designer. We were both encouraged from a really young […]

Meet the Artist: Dion Futerman

Photo: Courtesy of Dion Futerman Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. South African/Israeli artist, born 1955, Pretoria, South Africa. Lived and educated at Jewish Day Schools, in Pretoria and Durban. Lived in Cape Town, and then Ra’anana Israel for a short period becoming an Israeli citizen. Returned to Africa and Cape […]