Mazel Tov!

There are many ways to wish someone, Mazel Tov. One of the most beautiful one is in writing. In our part of the world, it is very common to send a handwritten note to congratulate someone on a variety of occasions ranging from birthdays to engagements, weddings, anniversaries, births, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah and […]

12 Bar and Bat Mitzvah Cards to send in 2021!

Last weekend our entire team has been invited to one of the most beautiful virtual Bar Mitzvahs we have had the honour to attend. As more and more families opt for a livestreamed Bar or Bat Mitzvah from the comfort of their own home, it is even more important to attend and celebrate with the […]

Purim is coming! 18 Costume Ideas for Kids Who Do Not Want to Dress Up as Biblical Characters

Not every girl wants to dress up as Queen Esther and not every boy sees himself as Mordechai, and this is perfectly fine! There are plenty of options for children to pick a costume they love for Purim. We have put together a small selection of ideas for you the little ones in our lives […]

30 Decorative Tree Sculptures for the Home

We love decorating our living spaces with nature inspired art. Especially when it comes to religious holidays! Today, we want to introduce you to a variety of our favourite tree sculptures we believe make a wonderful addition to your Tu BiShvat table from Bonsai to Gemstone and metal Olive Trees. Enjoy shopping! Shop: AnnaAndreadi Shop: […]

18 Tu BiShvat Inspired Trays You Need On Your Table This Year

Tu BiShvat, also known as the Jewish New Year’s of the Trees in English, is a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature. Many Jewish families all around the world take the opportunity to spend time outdoors and plant trees in honour, as well as in memory, of their loved ones. It has become more and […]

5 Shabbat Cookie Cutters You Have to Add to your Basket Immediately!

We have yet to meet someone who does not enjoy the smell of freshly baked cookies filling their homes! There is no lovely smell than the one of freshly baked goods. Especially on a Friday. Today, we want to introduce you to five of our favourite Shabbat themed cookie cutters we know you will enjoy […]

Meet the Owners: Orna and Yair Moore of the Canaan Gallery

Photo: Courtesy of Canaan Gallery What inspired you to start your business, Canaan Gallery? The story of the inspiration of Canaan Gallery starts with two loose ends Orna and Yair Moore. As a ten years old girl Orna remembers babysitting her neighbour’s daughter. The neighbour used to go to a small room and Orna through […]

18 Hebrew Alphabet Posters Your Kids Will Love!

Decorating a room for a child is something very special for the entire family. Choosing the perfect colour scheme that suits your child’s personality, the ideal furniture to give them the space they need, picking plush toys, wooden games, and books they will cherish for a long time to come; there are a lot of […]