Submission Guidelines

Please read the full post before submitting an article to Judaica in the Spotlight.

You want to submit your work? Wonderful! We are accepting submissions all year round by anyone interested in being part of our project. Anyone can submit an original piece. Religious affiliation, location, age, and gender are irrelevant.

At this point in time, we are unable to compensate you for your work (text and/or shared pictures). What we do however is publish links to your website, etsy shop, and social networks in the biography section, while also sharing your article via our own social networks.

Please note that we do not accept previously published work, regardless of the language it was published in and/or site or medium it was published on. This includes your personal website or blog.

Writing and Submission Guidelines

  • Include a brief biography (about 250 words)
  • Include links to your website and/or your social networks
  • You may include a picture of yourself if you wish to have one published next to your bio
  • Word count 500 – 2500 words
  • Submit your work as a word document
  • Submit any relevant pictures as separate attachments.

We would appreciate it, if you could send us some pictures we may use with your article royalty free. If the pictures should not be your own, we require you to share your sources with us and guarantee us the ability to republish these. By submitting your pictures to us you grant us the right to publish these perpetually in relation to your submission on our website, any of our social media accounts, and in any medium we choose royalty free.

***Please note that we do not accept anonymous submissions. However, you may use a pseudonym.***

Topics to write about vary. You may choose one of the following or suggest a topic by contacting us:

  • Interviews with artists
  • Interviews with Judaica Shop owners
  • Artist Exposés
  • Independent product reviews
  • Judaica related articles
  • Museum reviews 

*** If you are sending your work to multiple publications, please notify us immediately if it has been accepted elsewhere! We will never publish anything you have published before.***

You may submit your work via email.

Regardless if your work has been accepted or not you will hear back from us within five (5) business days. If your work has been accepted and requires light editing, we will do so ourselves. Please note that the title may be changed in the process, which we would inform you about before uploading your article.

Should major changes be required, we will get in touch with you to discuss them and, if we do the editing work ourselves, seek your approval in regards to the changes before uploading the article.

We are looking forward to reading your articles!

***Judaica in the Spotlight is not a place for politically, governmental, or religiously charged articles or discussion in comment sections. We accept anyone from orthodox to non-observant. Note that the comment section is heavily monitored.***