Meet the Artist: Diana Kreshek Challah Covers by Diana

Photo: Courtesy of Challah Covers by Diana Tell us a little bit about yourself: Hi! I grew up in Los Angeles, CA as a secular but rather curious Jew. As a child I was enrolled in Sunday school with my two sisters but after two years my parents decided that going to the USC football […]

Meet the Artist: Faith Zenker of FAITHFULLY YOURS CERAMICS

Photo: Courtesy of Faith Zenker Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? Having lived in many states across America, I now happily reside in sunny Sarasota, Florida with my amazing husband, and two small dogs. While raising my two lovely daughters, now 25 and 27 years old, I was fortunate to have […]

Rosh Hashanah is Coming: Gorgeous Challah Covers to Welcome the New Year!

What comes to mind first when thinking about Rosh Hashanah dinners? Spoiling your loved ones with your family’s traditional honey cake? A homemade apple compote, maybe? Or is it the smell of freshly baked cinnamon – raisin Challah you will be sharing with your nearest and dearest? No one will ever blame you if it’s […]

Meet the Artist: Suzaluna

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I am an artist living and working out of my home studio on the north shore of Boston. I am mostly a ceramic artist but I also create jewelry, fiber art, recycled stuffed animals and I create nature mandalas on the new and full moons. […]

Meet the Artist: Olga Ismailov of EmmAvi Designs

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. My name is Olga Ismailov. I was born in Uzbekistan and immigrated to America when I was a small child. I am a Bukharian Jew. I currently reside with my family in New York. I am a speech and language pathologist by profession. I have […]

Meet the Artist & Designer: Barak Illouz of Berko Decor

Image: Courtesy of Barak Iluz Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. Hi, my name is Barak Illouz, 38 years old, coupled with Dana and father to Alma. I have graduated as a Practical Engineer in Architecture at the Shenkar Institute for Engineering and Design, located in Tel Aviv, Israel. After my […]

Meet the Artist: Rachael Brooke Goren of Eclectic Judaica

Photo: Courtesy of Rachael Brooke Goren Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I grew up in suburban Philadelphia, where my kindergarten teacher expressed concern that I did not color inside the lines. I was consistently told I was disruptive in class and my 10th grade biology teacher threatened me, “don’t be […]

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