Meet the Owners: Orna and Yair Moore of the Canaan Gallery

Photo: Courtesy of Canaan Gallery What inspired you to start your business, Canaan Gallery? The story of the inspiration of Canaan Gallery starts with two loose ends Orna and Yair Moore. As a ten years old girl Orna remembers babysitting her neighbour’s daughter. The neighbour used to go to a small room and Orna through […]

*Guest Post* by Sharona Lomberg: Heads or Tails… A decision or a faith?

Photo: Yemenite Family having a Rosh Hashanah Seder Courtesy of Zoltan Kluger There are three Seder ceremonies during the year. One that I knew about, one that I celebrated and didn’t know I actually did, and one I learned as an adult. Passover Seder is the one we all celebrate, Tu B’shavat seder (Birthday of […]

Product Review: “54 Portions of the Torah” Tallit by Pardes Designs (reviewed by Zohar K.)

Photo: Courtesy of Pardes Designs I would like to recommend the prayer shawls designed by the Pardes Designs. The prayer shawls can be an exciting gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a groom at his wedding. Tallit cloth is comfortable and good for touching and tying of the tassels is according to Halacha.  Anything left […]

Tallit Expert Sharona Lomberg: “No she can’t – Yes she can … No she can’t – Yes she can, Yes she can, Yes she can, Yes she Can!”

It almost sounds like to be or not to be… that’s the question. Photo: Courtesy of Pardes Designs I remember the first time I visited a Reform temple, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  There were women and men actually sitting next to each other during the service. I was shocked.  Something was wrong with this […]

Tallit Expert Sharona Lomberg on the difference between Tallitot:

 Gadol or Katan, Big or Small Isn’t One Enough? There’s a phrase in Hebrew that says, ”Kol Hamarbe Harei Ze Meshubach” which means “The more the merrier”. So, if we can add, why not? How can we be satisfied with only one? Most of us know we wear Tallit at Morning Prayer on weekdays, Shabbat and […]

Tallit Expert Sharona Lomberg on “The Thread That Connects Us”!

© Pardes Designs Sharona Lomberg: Artist, Designer, Owner of Pardes Designs   As an Israeli Yemenite girl seeing Tallitot (plural for Tallit) was something I just took for granted. It was when I started painting Judaica on silk that my curiosity got the better of me. I realized that the garment I saw and took for granted […]

Tallit, Tallitot

10 + Tallit Designers Who Should Be On Your Radar!

More women than ever before embrace the mitzvah of wearing Tallit. While this is a deeply personal decision, many people we have spoken with about this agreed that they decided to do so in order to feel closer to God and our beautiful faith. Today, we would like to put the Spotlight on Tallit Designers […]