Rosh Hashanah is Coming: Pomegranate Statement Jewellery

Pomegranates are revered in many cultures throughout the world, symbolising anything from righteousness, good fortunate, fertility, abundance, and prosperity to a blessed future.

With Rosh Hashanah around the corner, we put together a carefully curated selection of our favourite pomegranate statement jewellery designs of the year.  What better time to add some new and inspiring pieces to your accessory collection than now?

These delicate designs are destined to become all time classics and potential heirlooms to keep safe for the next generation. The striking designs you can admire here today will most certainly make you the centre of attention and invite a plenitude of compliments this upcoming holiday season. This you can be sure of!

Classic, yet contemporary, stunning and rather glamourous at the same time, we love the elegant details each and every one of these beautifully crafted jewellery pieces has to offer.

Brought to life by talented artisans, you can rest assured that these timeless designs will make wonderful presents as well to gift to a loved one. What a wonderful way to start the New Year!

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Photos: Courtesy of ETSY

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Photos: Courtesy of ETSY

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Photos: Courtesy of ETSY

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