About Us

Welcome to Judaica in the Spotlight! 

Have you ever glanced at a holiday table and wondered what the Judaica artist was thinking while creating this piece? What inspired them to design the Seder plate this way, or why this specific design of a Hanukkah Menorah is blue? Of course, you have, and so did we! If you are only half as curious as we are about it, you came to the right place.

At Judaica in the Spotlight, we made it our mission to find out what inspires the artist behind the artwork, what motivates them, what keeps them going, and what their plans for the future are. We want to understand them better and be able to appreciate the Judaica we use in our home celebrations to the fullest.

We also want to discover new Judaica items we have never seen before that would make a wonderful addition to our collection or a perfect present for a loved one.

This space is for all Judaica artists, who want to introduce themselves and their work to the wider Jewish community, and for anyone interested in the story behind the artists’ artworks or Judaica art in general.

We believe that any artist should have the opportunity to shine and be able to show their work to a wider audience. If one of our interviews results in a sale, then Mazel Tov!

You can now buy the Judaica in the Spotlight team their favourite brand of tea!

Many of our readers have approached us recently asking if they can support our project in any way. This is very kind and much appreciated.