Igal Fedida, Jewish Artist, Visual Artist, Mixed Media Artist

Meet The Artist: Igal Fedida

From an early age, self- taught, Israeli-born Igal Fedida demonstrated an intuitive penchant for the arts. Painting has always been a special process for Fedida that allowed him to draw upon his Jewish Morrocan background and intertwine art with that of the complex, universal human pursuit of spiritual truth. Fedida’s unconventional artistic style has emerged […]

Abby Korotney,, Mixed Media Art, Mixed Media Artist, Visual Art, Visual Artist, Jewish Artist

Meet The Artist: Abby Korotney

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. Hi, my name is Abby Davidson Korotney. I grew up in a very conservative Jewish househhold.  My Grandfather was an Orthodox Rabbi and my brothers and I were immersed in Hebrew and Jewish tradition. My family valued education, reading and the arts.  My Grandfather was […]

Meet The Artist: Riva Brown

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I have been a Wilmington, Delaware resident for my entire life, except for when I went to the University of Delaware (1971-1975) and lived in Newark 15 miles away. I learned about Calligraphy at U of D’s Art History program when I took Medieval Art […]

Graphic Design, Visual Arts, typography, calligraphy, hebrew calligraphy, hebrew

(Hebrew) Meet The Artist: Meir Rosh

ספרי לנו קצת על עצמך ועל הרקע שלך הי, שמי מאיר ראש, בן 24, מתגורר בבני ברק ישראל, תחום המקצוע העיקרי שלי כיום הוא עיצוב גרפי, בעבודה ביום יום אני נדרש בין השאר לעצב לוגו או מודעת פרסום, לעצב הזמנה או פלאייר, לעמד ספר או מגזין. בשעות הערב אני מעביר הדרכות באופן פרטי, וגם כמרצה […]

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