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Product Review: Handmade Hamsa Necklace & Turquoise Earrings by Kattyoosh

© Judaica in the Spotlight Product Link: Handmade Hamsa Necklace             Product Link: Turquoise Earrings Material: Silver & Turquoise Gemstone     Verdict: Love at first sight!                               I have been searching for the perfect Hamsa necklace for years before stumbling upon Katia’s beautiful design on ETSY. The moment I saw her take on this ancient symbol, […]


10 + ideas for Hanukkah presents you will love!

It is this time of year again! Hanukkah is around the corner and you have no clue what to get your family and friends. We know how you feel very well. But, we have an idea! How about supporting some Jewish artists and designers this year? Their work is wonderfully unique, no one else has […]

Meet The Artist: Ruthy Stark Sery

Ruthy Stark Sery, daughter of Holocaust Survivors, was raised in Los Angeles, California and made Aliyah to Kibbutz Maalei Gilboa in 1978. After moving around for a few years, Ruthy settled down in Zichron Yaakov where she has been living the past 24 years with her husband, Menachem and their four children. She became an […]

Meet The Artist: Eduardo Schwart

Eduardo Schwart is a Brazilian jewelry designer. Currently he resides in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His family is originally from Poland and Belgium. When World War II was about to break out, his family came to Brazil. Since he was a youngster, he knew he wanted to be a professional artist. His great inspiration was […]

Conhece O Artista: Eduardo Schwart

Eduardo Schwart é um designer de joalheria brasileiro. Atualmente ele reside na cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Sua família mudou-se da Bélgica e da Polônia para o Brasil antes do início da Segunda Guerra Mundial. Desde muito jovem, Eduardo sempre soube que queria seguir uma carreia ligada às artes. Sua grande inspiração foi seu […]