5 Ketubah Artists to Work with on Your Custom Design

Traditionally, the Ketubah is a marriage contract outlining the husband’s obligations towards his wife. While many orthodox communities around the world still use the original text today, times have changed for many others.

Historically speaking, it is a document of protection for the woman in case something happens to her husband or he decides to leave.

In Israel, unlike the rest of the world, the Ketubah is considered a binding document both under civil as well as religious law.

Many liberal and reform communities around the world have adapted the text to suit their needs and made the language more inclusive.

Signing the Ketubah before the Chuppah ceremony begins is a beautiful tradition we would not want to miss from a Jewish wedding.

We live in a time and day where couples have more choice than ever before when it comes to their Ketubah text. While each stream has a variety of suggestions for the couple to choose from, some decide to write their own vows. It has to be mentioned, that they have to consult with their officiating Rabbi if the chosen text is acceptable and in accordance with the stream they marry in.

With so many absolutely gorgeous Ketubot to choose from, picking your Ketubah is going to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning your wedding!

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