15 Chuppah Designs to Fall in Love With

Shop: darrellsattic Photo: Courtesy of ETSY You will never forget the design of your Chuppah. Or in some cases, how long it took to find exactly what you have been looking for all along! There is so much choice available nowadays that you have the feeling that the options are sheer endless. Especially, if you […]

5 Beautiful Chuppah Songs

Shop: AllThingsGeekChic Photo: Courtesy of ETSY Choosing the song, you walk down to your Chuppah with your parents, or whomever you decide to ask, is an exciting moment when planning your wedding! While some couples prefer more traditional melodies, you find more and more who opt for either instrumental, contemporary love songs or covers of […]

5 Tallitot for Your Upcoming Chuppah

When Jewish boys or men begin wearing a Tallit, and what type, depends primarily on their ancestry and/or which community they belong to. In many Ashkenazi Jewish communities of Eastern European descent, it is customary for the groom to wear a Tallit made from wool under the Chuppah, which traditionally has been given to him […]

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