Meet The Artist: Lori Loebelsohn of Life Cycle Portrait

Lori Loebelsohn is a professional artist who specializes in creating personalized Ketubot and other Judaic art. She enjoys working collaboratively with her clients to achieve unique painterly designs that blend ritual with important personal symbols. These works include a personalized Haggadah, home blessings, and many unique pieces for major life cycle events such as weddings, […]

Meet The Artist: Anat Michaelis of Leila

Anat Michaelis is a Professional Ketubah artist who creates fully customised and unique Ketubah art that is inspired by the couple’s vision. Before starting her business, Anat worked as a freelance illustrator and presented her artwork in Israeli galleries. After creating Ketubahs for her close ones, She decided to dedicate her time into building “Leila” […]

Meet The Artist: Sharon Rotman

Born just outside of Toronto, Canada, Sharon moved to Israel when she was 17 and was immersed in the culture. She finished high school, the military, and attended Shenkar College for Graphic and New Media Design. After working for a period at an advertising agency, Sharon decided to return to Canada, where she worked in […]

Meet The Artist: Talia Saghian of The Ketubist

Originally from Houston, Texas, Talia Saghian moved to Los Angeles four years ago. A designer by training, she has worked in commercial architecture and creative design, and recently launched her own small business, the Ketubist. Talia and her husband, Zach, got married last year. She is passionate about beautiful buildings, inspiring design, great art, and […]

Meet The Artist: Sarah of Beloved Ketubah

Sarah is a studio artist who draws and paints customized ketubah designs and fine art for her patrons. She attended the Ontario College of Art and Design and SUNY Albany, and holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from Montclair University. She has taught drawing, painting, and contemporary Art and Aesthetics to students up to […]

Meet The Artist: Britt Yudell of BRITcolors

Britt Yudell’s unique fusion of rare watercolor styles, bright colors and traditional embroidery has caught the eye of people around the world – helping to shape an entirely new and refreshing take on Ketubahs. Britt was born in Jerusalem to a pair of professional artists and began creating and selling works at a very young […]

Meet The Artist: Edwin Aaronson of Windthrow

My name is Edwin Aaronson and my brand is called Windthrow. My twin sister, Stephanie, and I work together to supply couples with an interactive process of designing their Ketubah. Using a range of different mediums we achieve unique results, which vary depending on what it is the engaged couple wants to portray. Working through […]