18 Bead Embroidery Kits to add to your basket immediately!

On weekends we are all about doing something creative. It can be anything from creating an elaborate watercolour painting to knitting a scarf. Very often we will try something entirely new. There is no lovelier way to relax after a long week than doing something with your hands that doesn’t involve a keyboard. After all, […]

Meet the Artist: Rochelle Garrison

Photo: Courtesy of Rochelle Garrison Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.  I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, in an Orthodox and insular community.  I felt like I was bound by so many rules and barriers, while all I was yearning for was free reign. I was never a “traditional” girl, ultimately […]

Meet the Artist: Liane Wakabayashi

Photo: Courtesy of Liane Wakabayashi Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I was born in Montreal, raised and educated in the New York City area (Queens and Great Neck), graduated with a BA  in Art History from UMass Amherst, received an MFA in Arts Administration from Columbia University, and dreamed of […]

18 Embroidery Kits for a Rainy Weekend!

As one of the most beloved traditional forms of art, embroidery has captivated many people throughout the world over centuries.   Embroidery is not only a fantastic mindfulness exercise to train your focus and concentration skills but has also shown to relieve stress and to help people struggling with anxiety.   After practicing embroidery for […]

Meet the Photographer: Dana Laura of Dana Laura Photo

Photo: Courtesy of Dana Laura Photo Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. My name is Dana. I was born in Haifa Israel. When I was four we moved to New York. Then I came back to Israel in 2002. Currently I live in Jerusalem. How did you develop an interest in […]

Meet the Artist: Liliane Ritchie

Photo: Courtesy of Liliane Ritchie Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I was born and raised in the French part of Switzerland. Then I lived in California for many years. Now I am blessed to be living in Jerusalem. What inspired you to become an artist? My love of nature and […]

10 Yiddish Words You Have To Know

Shop: WordPlayGifts Photo: Courtesy of Etsy Growing up in Europe, I was always surrounded by European Jewish culture. While I was still at university, I once found myself standing in the linguistics department’s library waiting for a friend to finish one of their classes. Browsing through some of the oldest books our alma mater had […]