Meet The Artist & Designer David Orlansky of Uvtuvo

© David Orlansky / Uvtuvo David is an abstract artist and product designer whose work has been featured in museums, shows and galleries in New York and overseas. He holds degrees in both business and social work, and has founded and built several successful businesses. Drawing from his artistic skills and business savvy, David manages and executes […]

Meet The Artist: Ellen November

©  Ellen November Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. Drawing on the graphic nature of maps, my fiber art is cartographic in nature. Art quilts allow me to combine my skills in illustration, photography, graphic design and quilting. A recent project was a series of work based on interpretations of the Rand […]

Meet The Artist: May-Bell Bareket

©  May-Bell Bareket Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. Shalom, I’m May-Bell Bareket, a Danish Jewish artist, currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark where I was born and where I also grew up. As both my parents are from Israel, I have always felt connected to Israel. During my adult life, I […]

Meet The Artist: Sima Weinreb

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I was born in Parskville, NY in 1947. My grandmother owned a kosher hotel and farm, which was run by my father, aunts, and uncles. My interest in art began early – I was around 10 when I received my first lessons and was supported […]

Meet The Artist: Nicolas Cadi (EN)

© Nicolas Cadi Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. My name is Nicolas Cadi, I am 41. I was born in Provence (south of France), more specifically the Provence of the Popes that was, back in the middle ages, an independent enclave within the realm of France. The Jews were living […]

Meet The Artist: Nicolas Cadi (FR)

© Nicolas Cadi Parlez-nous un peu de vous et de votre parcours. Je m’appelle Nicolas Cadi, j’ai 41 ans. Je suis né en Provence, plus spécifiquement la Provence des papes qui constituait au moyen-âge une enclave indépendante dans le royaume de France. Les juifs y vivaient en paix, l’Eglise ne les persécutait pas. Ils servaient […]

Passover, Pessach, Ecological Haggadah

Meet the Artist: Galia Goodman, Ecological Jewish Artist and Hiker

This interview was conducted by Jonathan Homrighausen. © Pictures provided by Galia Goodman Jonathan Homrighausen is a calligrapher and a doctoral student in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Duke University. He is author of Illuminating Justice: The Ethical Imagination of The Saint John’s Bible (Liturgical Press, 2018), and his own work may be seen at Over warm cider […]

Fanny Chodosh

Meet The Artist: Fanny Chodosh

Fanny Chodosh, Israeli born artist, enjoys creating beautiful personal works that move the soul. Her passion shows through inspired by spiritual motifs, architectural relics of Jerusalem. She loves the intricacy of hidden alleys with beautiful arches, mystical tunnels from biblical times, and off the beaten track spaces in the Old city. “I love archaeology and […]

Yitzchak Devor, Fine Art, Fine Artist

Meet The Artist: Yitzchak Devor

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I was born in New York, grew up in Far Rockaway and am 28 years old. I grew up Orthodox and went to Yeshiva. I became more secular as a teenager and returned to Orthodoxy around the age of 23. It was a really long journey […]