Meet the Artist: Elena Ruth Eremin

Image: Courtesy of Elena Ruth Eremin Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. My name is Elena Ruth Eremin. I am 45 years old and have been drawing since childhood. What inspired you to become an artist? Nature. What is your speciality? I am an art instructor. Where do you take your […]

Meet the Artist & Designer: Barak Illouz of Berko Decor

Image: Courtesy of Barak Iluz Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. Hi, my name is Barak Illouz, 38 years old, coupled with Dana and father to Alma. I have graduated as a Practical Engineer in Architecture at the Shenkar Institute for Engineering and Design, located in Tel Aviv, Israel. After my […]

Meet the Artist: Chomi Groman

Image: שיחת חולין – Courtesy of Chomi Groman Tell us a little bit About yourself and your background. My name is Chomi Groman, contemporary figurative artist and painter. I was born to an ultra-orthodox family blessed with children and grew up in one of the old allies in Mea Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem. I was […]

Meet the Artist: Neriah Israel

Image: Courtesy of Neriah Israel Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. Shalom, my name is Neriah Israel. I’m originally from South Africa, and I came to Israel in 2015 to convert to Judaism. After I finished the process, I made aliya, and am now living in the Negev. What inspired you […]

Meet the Artist: Misha Shteyman

Image: Courtesy of Misha Shteyman Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. My name is Misha Shteyman and I was born and grew up in Lvov, in the former USSR, a city in present-day Ukraine. I finished School, Technicon and University there in Electrical Engineering.  Growing up in the USSR, practising Judaism was […]

48 Halloween Decorations for your Home

Happy October, dear friends! You know what this means: the spooky season is around the corner and will be upon us sooner than we can even decorate our homes! In any case, you shouldn’t leave it to the last second. While different ways of observing this festival can be found around the world, something many […]

21 Diwali Greeting Cards We Can Not Wait To Post To Our Friends This Year!

We truly appreciate being invited regularly to our friends’ homes to celebrate holidays with them and their families. One of the holidays we never miss is the beautiful festival of Diwali. Deep with meaning, it is one of the most important and widely observed holidays in South East Asia and amongst South East Asian communities […]

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