Meet The Artist: Alina Yoffe-Pikovsky

אני נולדתי בקייב – זאת עיר בירת אוקראינה.אני גדלתי במשפחה יהודית יצירתית. סבה שלי היה ממשפחה של קלייזמרים וניגן בכינור, אמא שלי מציירת, מנגנת בפסנתר וכותבת שירים. תמיד הייתי מוקפת במוסיקה וביצירתיות. מאז ילדותי, לימדו אותי לצייר ולנגן בפסנתר. כנראה שלא במקרה, בעבודות שלי הקצב והמוסיקה תמיד חשובים לי.למדתי טכניקות אמנות שונות וכבר בישראל – […]

Meet The Artist: Tania Goldberg

Image: Courtesy of Tania Goldberg Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. Besides ceramics, I love animals, nature and fantasy books/movies. My first diploma was in nursing, but I always needed more and I found the missing link in clay. I currently am working as a potter full time, and in the […]

Meet The Rabbi: Rabbi Andrea Frank of Jewish Wedding Rabbi (USA)

Rabbi Andrea has built her brand as Jewish Wedding Rabbi for all couples who are both Jewish, and for couples where one person or spouse-to-be is not Jewish. She conducts Jewish Wedding and Civil Ceremonies, including Elopements, Jewish, Interfaith, and Marriage Equality Couples, all are dedicated to their Jewish identity whether by birth or choice. […]

Meet The Artist: Moti Pinhassi of Holy Glance

Moti Pinhassi, 46, Married+2 kids+4 cats+1 dog, is (at day) an urban and regional planner (Technion, 2011). Lives in Netanya and works for the municipality in the field of sustainable transportation. Apart from that, he’s an artist of panoramic photography. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I am an artist, creating […]

Meet The Artist: Sarah of Beloved Ketubah

Sarah is a studio artist who draws and paints customized ketubah designs and fine art for her patrons. She attended the Ontario College of Art and Design and SUNY Albany, and holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from Montclair University. She has taught drawing, painting, and contemporary Art and Aesthetics to students up to […]

Meet The Artist: Joy Glicker Lieber of StepOnIt! Chuppah Glass Art

They call her “The Jewish Wedding Whisperer.” Joy Glicker Lieber has just introduced a brand new and unique item to her lineup of All-Things-Jewish-Wedding. It’s called “StepOnIt! Chuppah Glass Art.” The directive is – Never let that broken Chuppah glass be thrown away again! (A “Chuppah” or wedding canopy, symbolizes the home the Jewish couple […]

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