Book Review: Ephraim’s Bones by David de Wolf

Reviewed by Sarah S. First and foremost, I would like to thank David de Wolf for sending me a complimentary copy of his latest novel, Ephraim’s Bones. Image: Courtesy of Judaica in the Spotlight Book Description: Joseph Lichtman, a young man from Frankfurt, is determined to escape the culture of the ghetto, still dominant fifty […]

Book Review: My Mother’s Secret – A Novel of the Jewish Autonomous Region by Alina Adams

Image: Courtesy of Judaica in the Spotlight Reviewed by Miriam P. First and foremost, I would like to thank Alina Adams and her publisher, History Through Fiction, for sending us a complimentary copy of My Mother’s Secret – A Novel of the Jewish Autonomous Region in exchange for an honest book review.   As always, […]

Book Review: Celestial Persuasion by Mirta Ines Trupp

Image: Courtesy of Judaica in the Spotlight I have been looking forward to read “Celestial Persuasion” for quite some time now and was thrilled when Mirta reached out to our team, asking if we would like to participate in an Online Book Tour. Naturally, we agreed and said yes. We would like to take this […]

Let your creativity flow with Inbal Amit’s Newest Product: Hebrew Words Colouring Book for Adults!

Reviewed by Miriam P. Inbal Amit did it again, she impressed us with one of her fantastic new products! You will remember her name from her feature on our website as well as from my review of her two Hebrew Workbooks I had the pleasure of writing not too long ago together with my partner’s […]

*Children’s Book Review*: Matzah Means So Many Things by Faith Goldstein

Reviewed by Miriam P. and the soon-to-be-six-year-old Julie H. Photo: Courtesy of Judaica in the Spotlight Last weekend, my partner John and I went to visit his parents at their cottage in County Kerry on the other side of the island. As ever so often, his brother Liam together with his wife Róisín and their […]

*Product Review*: Hebrew 1 and 2 Workbooks by Inbal Amit

Reviewed by Miriam P. and the five-and-a-half-year-old Julie H. I spent the last weekend by the coast in County Kerry with my partner, John, and his wonderful family. Liam, his older brother, joined us for a visit together with his wife and their young daughter, Julie, giving me the perfect opportunity to review Inbal Amit’s […]

Book Review: The Wagamama Bride by Liane Grunberg Wakabayashi

Photo: Courtesy of Liane Grunberg Wakabayashi Liane Grunberg Wakabayashi is a tremendously talented author and excellent storyteller. As a reader, you will enjoy discovering Japan and Japanese culture through her eyes. She is a master of observation who catches these very moments wonderfully on paper. You will not be able to put this captivating memoir […]

*Book Review*: My Mushy Matzah Ball by Arianna Brooks

Photos: Courtesy of Arianna Brooks If you are a (new) Jewish parent who loves to connect with family through delicious food this picture book is perfect for you to read to your little ones! Written by Arianna Brooks for babies and toddlers from the ages of 0 – 3, the beautiful illustrations and charming characters […]

Product Review: Contemporary Passover Haggadah & Children’s Companion Haggadah “Hug-It-Out” by The Haggadah Collective

Photos: Courtesy of The Haggadah Collective What do you love the most about Passover? Is it the special atmosphere in the air? The delicious homemade dishes? Or is it gathering with family and friends around the dinner table? Something our team always looks forward to is the reading of the Haggadah. Pearl and Maxie Richman, […]

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