Let your creativity flow with Inbal Amit’s Newest Product: Hebrew Words Colouring Book for Adults!

Reviewed by Miriam P.

Inbal Amit did it again, she impressed us with one of her fantastic new products! You will remember her name from her feature on our website as well as from my review of her two Hebrew Workbooks I had the pleasure of writing not too long ago together with my partner’s adorable niece, Julie.

This time around, Inbal has created something entirely different and, in my opinion at least, truly special for everyone to enjoy regardless of gender or age. Her Hebrew Words Adult Colouring Book has something for the young, the young at heart, and everyone in between.

Inbal’s Adult Colouring Book makes a wonderful addition to your existing collection. (It is also perfect to start one!)

I particularly enjoyed the educational aspect of this colouring book. You don’t simply colour a pattern but learn new Hebrew words, sayings, and Jewish blessings as well. This includes the meaning and correct pronunciation using Inbal’s unique teaching style. With this colouring book, Inbal helps you to immerse yourself into Jewish culture and its beautiful traditions. It is apparent that Inbal wants you to succeed in your studies. With her unique style she connects you to the Hebrew language like no other!

It certainly is a new way to familiarise yourself some more with the Hebrew alphabet, common words and phrases. Colouring in not just patterns but letters as well, you automatically invest more time in connecting with each and every aspect of the language.

Inbal’s colouring book boasts a variety of beautiful, unique patterns and intricate designs. The whimsical illustrations are a true joy to look at and will keep you busy as well as captivated for hours and hours. They are perfect for beginners but also great for people who have worked with colouring books before.

The clarity of Inbal’s patterns is fantastic and the shapes of the various different elements are very well drawn. I can’t fault the printing quality one bit.

Depending on what types of pens or pencils you want to use, and should you want to frame some of the designs after colouring them, I highly recommend to cut out the pages you want to colour before you start in order to avoid bleeding through the pages.

Personally, I have had no issues with bleeding as I have used solely coloured pencils, crayons, gel pens and my brush pens while testing. In any case, I wouldn’t worry too much as chances anything will bleed onto the next design is very low as you solely have the explanations of the words and their pronunciation on the other side of each design.

I have to point out that colouring Inbal’s gorgeous patterns helped me unwind tremendously in the middle of a truly stressful day. Something I particularly enjoyed is how many designs you can choose from and how much you can learn from each and every one of them in this 99 page book!

Are you planning on flying somewhere this summer? Inbal’s colouring book is very light and the perfect companion for on-the-go colouring. The travel-friendly format fits into any rucksack, bigger handbag, tote bag and carry-on.

Inbal’s Adult Colouring book, Hebrew Words, is available on Amazon, and is an affordable, fun-filled, and the best way to unleash your creativity. I can not mention enough that it makes the perfect summer activity for everyone!

Over the past decade, the therapeutic elements of colouring books have been discussed throughout the world. It has been proven that adult colouring books ease anxiety, lowers stress levels and boosts creativity and creative thinking, helping you be more productive in your day to day work.

You can purchase the Colouring Book here: Amazon

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