Meet The Artist: Hershel Weiss

Hershel Mutka Weiss was born and raised in New York City and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. He has been a woodworker since he could lift a handsaw. At age twelve he built a step stool for his grandmother to enable her to reach the Passover dishes. In 1985-1986 he studied at the Fine […]

Meet The Artist: Michele Pulver Feldman

Michele Pulver Feldman is a mixed media artist who loves color and isn’t afraid to use it! She is a graduate of Parsons School of Design, where she studied Illustration. She is drawn to her subject matter on a spiritual level. Her themes are based on subtle nuances that allow a multitude of interpretation. Her […]

Meet The Artist: Talia Saghian of The Ketubist

Originally from Houston, Texas, Talia Saghian moved to Los Angeles four years ago. A designer by training, she has worked in commercial architecture and creative design, and recently launched her own small business, the Ketubist. Talia and her husband, Zach, got married last year. She is passionate about beautiful buildings, inspiring design, great art, and […]

Meet The Artist: Shelly Agronin

Born in 1980 in Kiev, Ukraine. Proud Israeli since 1992. Graduate of the Department of Industrial Design at Bezalel. Married and mother of three daughters.She has 14 years of experience in developing consumer products in various fields and materials for both the Israeli and American marketsAs the owner of Wallaby Studio by Shelly Agronin, Shelly […]

Meet The Artist: Ruthy Stark Sery

Ruthy Stark Sery, daughter of Holocaust Survivors, was raised in Los Angeles, California and made Aliyah to Kibbutz Maalei Gilboa in 1978. After moving around for a few years, Ruthy settled down in Zichron Yaakov where she has been living the past 24 years with her husband, Menachem and their four children. She became an […]

Meet The Owners: Rin & Ruckus of rin+RUCKUS

rin+RUCKUS is a handcrafted party garland store. Our goal is to deliver quality, kid-friendly decorations right to your door. From felt floral garlands to flower walls, you will find the perfect decorations for your party or holiday that you can use year after year. Rin is a former management consultant turned maker. She is the […]

Meet The Artist: Ruth Feldman

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. People who meet me now think I have always been an artist. But, prior to the last 12 years, I was a nationally known educator- For over a decade I was the Director of Early Childhood Education for the Jewish Community Centers (JCCA) of North […]

Meet The Artist: Laura Dicker

Laura grew up in the southwest of England. At 18, she moved to Scotland to study art and photography at the Leaf School of Design. She then moved to the United States, earning an associate’s degree in Television Production, a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a master’s degree in Global Media and Communications. Laura owns […]

(HEBREW) Meet The Artists: Anat Stein and Hadas Kruk of Armadillo Judaica Lovers

ספר לנו קצת על עצמכן ועל הרקע שלכן סטודיו ארמדילו לעיצוב, הדס קרוק וענת שטיין. למדנו עיצובתעשייתי במכון הטכנולוגי בחולון, ומיד בסיום הלימודים (1997) הקמנו את סטודיו ארמדילו. מאז שתינו עשינו תארים שניים (הדס באוניברסיטת תל אביב וענת בבצלאל). כבר יותר מ־20 שנה אנו מעצבות מוצרים עבור חברות תעשייתית ויזמים, ובמקביל, לאורך השנים, הלך והעמיק […]

Meet The Artists: Anat Stein and Hadas Kruk of Armadillo Judaica Lovers

Anat Stein and Hadas Kruk are the designers behind Armadillo Judaica Lovers, a collection of ritual objects and home decor that celebrates Jewish tradition through modern design. Based in Tel Aviv, Armadillo’s work is a reflection of the vibrant cultural scene in Israel, while staying connected to worldwide design trends. All items are originally designed […]