10 Wooden Mezuzot We Can Not Live Without This Tu BiShvat

Since the beginning of 2022, we have received quite a number of messages with the question what a nice present to give to someone who was so kind to invite to a Tu Bi Shvat Seder would be. The only requirements? That it is neither food, nor a nature related donation in the host’s name.

You may remember that last year we have introduced you to our favourite tree related serving dishes perfect for the holiday. Even though we could not be together with our loved ones, we have decided to surprise some of them anyway. They all loved their gifts and are looking forward to be using them on January 17th. Isn’t it nice to see how more and more people have decided to start observing a Tu Bi Shvat Seder?

We are beyond thrilled. Part of the reason is because there are so many wonderful gift options available. Especially, when it comes to Wooden Judaica. This year we have decided to introduce you to some of our favourite Mezuzah cases we believe would make a superb present to give to someone this year.

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Should you prefer giving a nature inspired Judaica piece that is not made from (reclaimed) wood after all we can highly recommend Challah Covers, Home Blessings or a nice Hamsa for someone’s collection.

Over the years, we have interviewed quite a few Judaica artists who specialise in the creation of Wooden Judaica and highly recommend you have a look at their work. Some interview examples would the the ones with Odedd Dayan of Dayan Designs, Daniel Bucksbaum, Shirlee and Ofek Asael of Woodful Art, Benny Hershkowitz, Reuben Sivillya, Assaf Goldstein and Ofir Baruochi of Touchwoodesign, Alexandra Teboul, Gabi Shai, and Eddie Aaronson of Windthrow Judaica.

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