10 + ideas for Hanukkah presents you will love!

It is this time of year again! Hanukkah is around the corner and you have no clue what to get your family and friends. We know how you feel very well. But, we have an idea! How about supporting some Jewish artists and designers this year? Their work is wonderfully unique, no one else has […]

Eley Ori, Wool Art, Felt Art

Meet The Artist: Eleyor Snir of EleyOri (HEBREW)

ספרי לנו קצת על עצמך ועל הרקע שלך .(Ori – קוראים לי אליאור שניר (בקיצור נולדתי לפני 44 שנה בקיבוץ נוה-איתן בעמק בית-שאן לשבט ולמשפחה גדולה ומגוונת. אמא שלי היא סופרת ילדים ואשת חינוך ואבא שלי הוא מומחה לגידול דגים. אחרי המסלול של בית-ספר וצבא בחרתי בלימודי עיצוב ואיור במכללת “ויטל” בתל אביב. אחרי שלוש […]

Meet The Artist: Lori Loebelsohn of Life Cycle Portrait

Lori Loebelsohn is a professional artist who specializes in creating personalized Ketubot and other Judaic art. She enjoys working collaboratively with her clients to achieve unique painterly designs that blend ritual with important personal symbols. These works include a personalized Haggadah, home blessings, and many unique pieces for major life cycle events such as weddings, […]

Meet The Artist: Anat Michaelis of Leila

Anat Michaelis is a Professional Ketubah artist who creates fully customised and unique Ketubah art that is inspired by the couple’s vision. Before starting her business, Anat worked as a freelance illustrator and presented her artwork in Israeli galleries. After creating Ketubahs for her close ones, She decided to dedicate her time into building “Leila” […]

Meet The Artist: Sharon Rotman

Born just outside of Toronto, Canada, Sharon moved to Israel when she was 17 and was immersed in the culture. She finished high school, the military, and attended Shenkar College for Graphic and New Media Design. After working for a period at an advertising agency, Sharon decided to return to Canada, where she worked in […]