Top 10 Most Read Interviews of 2022

Before we wrap up another year of celebrating Jewish Art & Culture with all of you, and welcome 2023 with our neatest and dearest, we went back to have a closer look at our most-read interviews in 2022:

10. Meet the Artist: Silvina Bernstein

9. Meet the Artist: Ozi Babad

8. Meet the Artist: Tania Goldberg

7. Meet the Hebrew Teacher: Inbal Amit

6. Meet the Artist: Michel D’Anastasio

5. Meet the Artist: Ilan Schiff

4.  Meet the Artist: Yael Rachel Smith

3. Meet the Artist: Aliza Marton

2. Meet the Artist: Inna Gorokhod

1. Meet the Brilliant and Inquisitive Mind behind Torah Tarot: Stav Appel

We would like to thank you for your continuous support and wish you and your families all the best for the year ahead!

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