Our 18 Favourite Baby Names of 2020!

Many people we know were blessed to welcome new-born babies into their families. Some of our favourite names that have been chosen this year are the following: Girls, Girls, Girls … Maya Meaning: Spring/Water Tamar Meaning: Date/Palm Tree Noa Meaning: Movement/Motion Shop: Lieblingslaedchen Shop: Waitname Shop: DevarimYafirmo Yael Meaning: Mountain Goat Sarah Meaning: Princess Eden […]

65 Decorative Items for This Year’s Hanukkah Celebration!

We love to see more and more products popping up everywhere to decorate for Hanukkah. It is not only about Christmas anymore! While Hanukkah is considered a minor holiday in Jewish culture, it does not mean that we can not decorate our homes for the season, or what do you say? Let us start with […]

32 Affordable Hanukkah Presents for 2020

Have you already started looking for Hanukkah presents but could not find anything? No need to worry. We are here to help. This year, we want to introduce you to the beautiful work of eight Jewish artists and designers who bring a tremendous amount of joy to the world with their gorgeous pieces. We have […]