*Product Review*: Nireh Or Calendar 5781

Photo: Courtesy of Nireh Or Going through the Jewish year has never been lovelier! The beautiful Nireh Or Calendar you can admire above has been created by two tremendously talented and very inspiring women, artist Lizzie Sivitz and Rabbi Hayley Goldstein. Lizzie’s designs are in perfect harmony with Rabbi Hayley’s inspiring commentary. Their love for […]

The Ultimate Rosh Hashanah Gift List: 100 + Presents You Will Love!

Are you invited to Rosh Hashanah dinner this year and clueless about what to bring as a present? If you do not want to bring chocolates, a bottle of wine, or a bouquet of flowers, you came to the right place! When we are invited to someone’s home, and we know them very well, we […]

*Product Review*: Shabbat Candle Lighting Blessing “Symphony of the Heart” by Nava Shoham

Photo: Courtesy of Judaica in the Spotlight Product: Art Print (Giclée) Our verdict: Captivating! When Nava Shoham’s Candle Lighting Blessing reached us from the other side of the ocean, we were lost for words. It does not happen very often than artwork makes us speechless but this piece certainly did. This delicate piece of art […]

36 Elegant Silk Scarves Every Woman Should Have

When you think about the essence of elegance, what is the first image that comes to mind? A very good friend of ours was contemplating for a moment before giving us an answer when we asked her for her opinion. She smiled and explained to us that, for her at least, the essence of elegance […]

*Product Review: Oak Napkin Rings by Danke Judaica*

Photo: Courtesy of Judaica in the Spotlight Product: Oak Napkin Rings Our Verdict: Fabulous Where to buy: www.dankejudaica.com We are delighted to have the opportunity today to introduce you to Danke Judaica’s gorgeous Jewish themed oak napkin rings, which are available in two version; engraved with the words “Shabbat Shalom” or “Shana Tova.” Both Shabbat […]

36 Decorative Pomegranates for Your Rosh Hashanah Table!

One of the most exciting aspects for us when it comes to preparing for a holiday dinner is setting the table. It is something that should be carefully thought through rather than rushed. The beauty about setting a holiday table is that you can be as traditional or as creative as you want to with […]

18 Artistic Shabbat Candle Lighting Blessings You Will Love!

Lighting Shabbat candles is a very special and meaningful tradition in our beautiful culture. A very spiritual experience we would not want to miss in our lives. Being able to continue this sacred tradition truly is a blessing. Speaking about blessings; how about displaying an artistic candle lighting blessing next to your Shabbat candleholders? You […]