Meet The Artist: Ann Koffsky

Ann D. Koffsky is a writer and artist. She has written or illustrator of more than thirty Jewish published books, including Creation Colors and Judah Maccabee Goes to the Doctor. She is also an editor and art director at Behrman House Publishers. Inviting and joyful, Ann’s works utilizes a unique combination of acrylic paint, collage […]

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Meet The Owners: Aubrey & Yafit of The Kit Cut

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. We’re The Kit Cut! Our actual names are Yafit and Aubrey. Yafit moved to Toronto from Tel Aviv, Israel four years ago while her husband completes his medical fellowship at Sick Kids hospital. I, Aubrey, moved to Toronto from Lakewood, NJ 11 years ago to be […]

Meet The Artist: Sharon Rotman

Born just outside of Toronto, Canada, Sharon moved to Israel when she was 17 and was immersed in the culture. She finished high school, the military, and attended Shenkar College for Graphic and New Media Design. After working for a period at an advertising agency, Sharon decided to return to Canada, where she worked in […]

Meet The Artist: Talia Saghian of The Ketubist

Originally from Houston, Texas, Talia Saghian moved to Los Angeles four years ago. A designer by training, she has worked in commercial architecture and creative design, and recently launched her own small business, the Ketubist. Talia and her husband, Zach, got married last year. She is passionate about beautiful buildings, inspiring design, great art, and […]

Meet The Artist: Alina Yoffe-Pikovsky

אני נולדתי בקייב – זאת עיר בירת אוקראינה.אני גדלתי במשפחה יהודית יצירתית. סבה שלי היה ממשפחה של קלייזמרים וניגן בכינור, אמא שלי מציירת, מנגנת בפסנתר וכותבת שירים. תמיד הייתי מוקפת במוסיקה וביצירתיות. מאז ילדותי, לימדו אותי לצייר ולנגן בפסנתר. כנראה שלא במקרה, בעבודות שלי הקצב והמוסיקה תמיד חשובים לי.למדתי טכניקות אמנות שונות וכבר בישראל – […]