10 + Jewish Home Blessings Your Passover Host Will Love!

Invited to a Passover Seder this year and clueless about what to bring? We love to give art when we are invited to someone’s place we know quite well. It is so much more personal than a bottle of wine.

This year, we have put together a small selection of Jewish Home Blessings we believe make the perfect gift for someone close to your heart. What could be lovelier than receiving a Birkat HaBayit you can display in the entrance of your home?

The Delicate Brush

Photos: Courtesy of The Delicate Brush

Noa Attias Judaica

Photos: Courtesy of Noa Attias Judaica

Amy Rosen Art

Photos: Courtesy of Amy Rosen Art

Anna Abramzon Studio

Photos: Courtesy of Anna Abramzon Studio


Photos: Courtesy of BRITColors

Lea Joelle Handmade

Photos: Courtesy of Lea Joelle Handmade

North Hill Judaic

Photos: Courtesy of North Hill Judaica

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