40 + Seder Plates to fall in LOVE with!

Photo: Courtesy of Armadillo Judaica Lovers

One of our favourite holidays to celebrate is … Passover! With Passover around the corner, it’s time to shop for something new. How about a beautiful Seder plate? If you ask us, you can never have too many Judaica items in your collection. Living outside of Israel, we have two Seder nights. Why not use two different Seder plates?

We hope you will enjoy the variety of plates we are going to introduce you to. A beautiful Seder plate is also a fantastic idea for a present for a loved one. You don’t have to wait for someone to get married, host a house warming party, or have a birthday. From time to time, it’s nice to show people how much you care with a spontaneous present! We are certain you will find something fitting in the list below. Enjoy browsing.

Shakuf Design

Photos: Courtesy of Shakuf Desgin

Sarit is the owner and designer of Shakuf Design. She specialises in glass art and creates delightful home décor, glass tableware and Judaica objects. The perfect present for a loved one (and fantastic addition to your own collection).

Noa Attias Judaica

Photos: Courtesy of Noa Attias Judaica

If you love paper cut art, you will fall in love with Noa Attias Judaica! Noa creates magnificent pieces of art, ranging from wall art to innovative Judaica items. Her unique designs are the perfect addition to your holiday tables!

Laura Cowan Modern Judaica

Photos: Courtesy of Laura Cowan Judaica

Laura of Laura Cowan Modern Judaica is known for her contemporary Judaica objects. You will be able to find anything from rocket shaped aluminium mezuzot to gorgeous ritual objects in her beautiful online shop. Every Judaica collection needs a Laura Cowan design in it!

The Lulu Bird

Photos: Courtesy of The Lulu Bird

Liz of The Lulu Bird is a very talented ceramicist who creates beautiful tableware, home décor, and Judaica pieces for the modern home. Her pieces make the perfect present for a variety of occasions. Your friends will love them!

Irit Dinur Ceramics

Photos: Courtesy of Irit Dinur Ceramics

Irit of Irit Dinur Ceramics creates stunning ceramic lamps for the modern home, as well as magnificent tableware, home décor, and Judaica pieces. You will enjoy her beautiful selection! We can guarantee you that you will want to purchase the entire shop!

Judaica Hungarica

Photos: Courtesy of Judaica Hungarica

Zsuzsa of Judaica Hungarica is a Hungarian ceramicist who creates stunning Judaica pieces you will fall in love with the moment you lay eyes on them. You will enjoy adding her beautiful items to your personal collection and using them on Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Clay is my Art

Photos: Courtesy of Clay is my Art

Lesley of Clay is my Art is known for her stunning pottery. She has something for every taste waiting for you. You can find anything from everyday tableware to magnificent Judaica items in her online shop. Using one of her designs on Shabbat or on holidays will make them even more special.

La Kuritza

Photos: Courtesy of La Kuritza

Liat is the talented designer behind La Kuritza. She is known for her quirky ceramic animals, her unique home décor, as well as her distinctive Judaica items. We love the positive energy of her online shop and are certain you will fall in love with more than one of her stunning designs!

Yafit Glass

Photos: Courtesy of Yafit Glass

Yafit is the talented artist behind her brand, Yafit Glass. She creates lovely home décor as well as beautiful Judaica items for the modern Jewish home. Her glassware is marvellous and make the perfect present for someone close to your heart.

Glass by Marcela

Photos: Courtesy of Glass by Marcela

Marcela of Glass by Marcela creates the most delightful home décor and Judaica objects out of glass. You will be able to find a variety of presents for your loved ones in her online shop. Having one of her elegant designs on your holiday table will make everyone around it smile!

Ceramics by Sigi

Photos: Courtesy of Ceramics by Sigi

Sigi is known for her stunning pottery. In her online shop, Ceramics By Sigi, you will be able to find lovely tableware, as well as beautiful Judaica items for the modern home. The perfect present for anyone who loves natural materials as much as you do!

Armadillo Judaica Lovers

Photos: Courtesy of Armadillo Judaica Lovers

The dream team behind Armadillo Judaica Lovers are known for their stunning contemporary Judaica object. You will love browsing through their online shop and adding their pieces to your ever growing Judaica collection. The perfect addition to any holiday table!

Jacki Cohen Glass Art Designs

Photos: Courtesy of Jacki Cohen Glass Art Designs

Jacki Cohen of Jacki Cohen Glass Art Designs creates fabulous glassware for everyday life, as well as magnificent Judaica pieces for special occasion. You will love her work! She has a wonderful selection of unique one-of-a-kind items in her shop you can’t help but fall in love with.

Nadav Art

Photos: Courtesy of Nadav Art

Avi Nadav of Nadav Art and his dedicated team are known for their stunning high-end designs. You can find anything from contemporary home décor to gorgeous Judaica pieces in their online shop. Having one of their designs in your collection is something truly special.

Faithfully Yours Ceramics

Photos: Courtesy of Faithfully Yours Ceramics

Faith Zenker of Faithfully Yours Ceamics is known for her unique pottery pieces. You will find anything from Judaica to home décor and tableware in her lovely online shop. There is nothing nicer than using handmade Judaica items for your home rituals.

We hope you have enjoyed the list we put together for you and that you were able to find the perfect Seder plate for your needs. Curious about the artists above? We have interviewed some of them before!  Enjoy learning more about their motivation and the various inspirations behind their stunning work.

Noa Attias          Laura Cowan     Lesley Kogan     

Jacki Cohen        Avi Nadav       Faith Zenker

Marcela Rosemberg       Armadillo Judaica Lovers              

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