35+ Artistic Hostess Gifts For Passover Everyone Will Love!

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Anyone can bring fresh flowers, and chances are very high someone will, but how about getting your Passover host something artistic this year?

How about an original watercolour painting or a high quality floral art print created by Rachelle or Britt? They will certainly brighten up anyone’s home! Wouldn’t their artwork fit a kitchen or breakfast area perfectly? We can just imagine ourselves sipping a delicious cup of tea while glancing and their beautiful pieces.

What always fits the general Passover theme are the magnificent Jerusalem inspired papercuts Noa creates. Anyone who actually enjoys getting lost in the details without ever missing the bigger picture would simply fall head over heels in love with her artwork. It’s something your hosts would cherish forever.

Or, are you maybe looking for something that is a little bit different? Then you have to have a closer look at Shelly’s wonderful Metal Origami pieces. That’s right, you read correctly. She creates delightful metal origami. A very unexpected, and from our experience, well received present for the design enthusiast in your life!

If you are invited to someone’s place who doesn’t stress but actually thrives when hosting a larger group of people you will want to have a closer look at items they will be able to use when having guests over for Shabbat or Holiday dinners. Good examples would be Lesley’s wonderful pottery, Agi’s practical wineplatters, as well as Amy’s colourful trivets, and Jacki’s spectacular cheeseboards! These talented women have so many fantastic products in their selection, it won’t be easy to choose from all of them but you can be certain that you will be able to find something your loved ones will be thrilled about. You should also have a closer look at Daphna’s and Esther’s beautiful Challah and Matzah Covers.

Are you invited to someone’s place who collects Hamsas and are now looking for an artist who designs and creates very unique ones? May-Bell will quickly become your very best friend! She is as excited about Passover as we are and offered our readers a special discount* starting today running all the way through April 16th! Your loved one will be delighted to be able to add her work to their collection and let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy displaying a beautiful Hamsa on their wall? Talking about wall displays, have you already seen Noam’s lovely Home Blessings? A fantastic gift for someone you love who enjoys being in harmony with the world around them and the beauty of spirituality.

The Delicate Brush

Photos: Courtesy of The Delicate Brush


Photos: Courtesy of BRITcolors

Noa Attias Judaica

Photos: Courtesy of Noa Attias Judaica

Studio Wallaby

Photos: Courtesy of Studio Wallaby

Clay is my Art

Photos: Courtesy of Clay is my Art


Photos: Courtesy of UNIQUE by Agi

Amy Rosen Art

Photos: Courtesy of Amy Rosen Art

Jacki Cohen Glass Art Designs

Photos: Courtesy of Jacki Cohen Glass Art Designs

Three Generations1

Photos: Courtesy of Three Generations1

Art From Tzfat

Photos: Courtesy of Art From Tzfat


Photos: Courtesy of Haamsa

*May-Bell was very kind to create a special 10% OFF Passover Coupon Code for our readers. It’s valid from March 9th all the way until the end of Passover on April 16th 2020. It applies to her entire shop! All you have to do is add JUDAICAINSPOTLIGHT at checkout. Please note this coupon code is only valid on a minimum order of 299 DKK (approx. 45 USD / 40 EUR).

Ketubah Home

Photos: Courtesy of Ketubah Home

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