Meet The Artist: Britt Yudell of BRITcolors

Britt Yudell’s unique fusion of rare watercolor styles, bright colors and traditional embroidery has caught the eye of people around the world – helping to shape an entirely new and refreshing take on Ketubahs. Britt was born in Jerusalem to a pair of professional artists and began creating and selling works at a very young […]

Meet The Artist: Edwin Aaronson of Windthrow

My name is Edwin Aaronson and my brand is called Windthrow. My twin sister, Stephanie, and I work together to supply couples with an interactive process of designing their Ketubah. Using a range of different mediums we achieve unique results, which vary depending on what it is the engaged couple wants to portray. Working through […]

Meet The Gallerist: Menachem Safrai

Since 1935, the Safrai Art Gallery introduces carefully curated artwork to Israeli Art enthusiast around the world. The family business was born four generations ago, when Rabbi Mendel Harrison immigrated to Palestine from Lithuania in 1888. Upon arrival, he set up a mirror factory in the Old City of Jerusalem. Together with his family, he […]

Meet The Cookbook Author: Stella Hanan Cohen

Stella Hanan Cohen is an award winning cookbook author and artist. She is passionate about recreating the ancient Judeo-Spanish home style cooking from the Mediterranean island of Rhodes – a cuisine that reflects the unique culinary wealth from medieval Spain and that of the Ottoman Empire. Fuelled by her lifelong fascination of both her distinctive […]

Meet The Executive Director: Ariela Schwartz-Zur of Yad LaKashish

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. When Yad LaKashish was founded in 1962, the State of Israel was only 14 years old. Myriam Mendilow, a school teacher, was distraught by the elderly’s loss of self-respect as well as by her students’ disrespectful attitude toward them. Inspired by one of the pillars […]