An introduction to Shavuot from a Reform perspective by Rabbi Andrea Frank

In April, the holiday of Passover is celebrated around the table in many homes around the world. Passover 2020 will always be about how technology connected many families to conduct their Seder together online during a pandemic; the Passover story continued to be read and remembered. When we think of Passover, we think of The […]

An introduction to Passover from a Reform perspective by Rabbi Andrea Frank

Photo: Courtesy of Judaica in the Spotlight Table Runner created by Yael Harris Resnick Table Linen created by Linen Home Décor  Judaism uses a Hebrew calendar that lists all the Jewish Holidays of the Jewish year. A Jewish calendar has Hebrew calendar months blended into our everyday calendar and has twelve months as well. The […]

Meet The Rabbi: Rabbi Andrea Frank of Jewish Wedding Rabbi (USA)

Rabbi Andrea has built her brand as Jewish Wedding Rabbi for all couples who are both Jewish, and for couples where one person or spouse-to-be is not Jewish. She conducts Jewish Wedding and Civil Ceremonies, including Elopements, Jewish, Interfaith, and Marriage Equality Couples, all are dedicated to their Jewish identity whether by birth or choice. […]

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