(FRENCH) Meet The Artist: Michel D’anastasio

Parlez-nous un peu de vous et de votre parcours. Je m’appelle Michel D’anastasio. Je suis artiste calligraphe depuis près de 30 ans, je vis aujourd’hui à Paris, en France. J’expose au Japon, en Israël, en Inde, en Russie, aux États-Unis ou au Canada. J’enseigne aussi les lettres hébraïques modernes. Tout a commencé en 1989 : […]

Meet The Artist: Chani Gross of Chani’s Calligraphy

Chani Gross is an Israeli Calligraphy artist. Together with her husband Ariel and their four children, she lives in Nitzan, in the South of Israel. She has a background in Graphic Design and Calligraphy. Her speciality is the creation and illustration of handwritten Hebrew Calligraphy artwork she ships worldwide. Tell us a little bit about […]

Meet The Artist: Sharon Binder of Sharon Binder Art

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I discovered a love of text and letters while studying fine art at Queens College, and their eternal meaning using watercolors and gouache. The challenge was combining Hebrew and English calligraphy, graphics and illustration as an integral part of the meaning of the painting; Ben […]