Book Review: “5 Simple Steps to Releasing the Real You – How to become Confident, Happy and Fulfilled” by Anne Iarchy

What comes to mind first when you think about Shabbat or Jewish holidays? If it is indulging in delicious foods, you are certainly not the only one. While there is nothing wrong with indulging once in a while, doing it regularly is far from ideal. Eventually it will affect your body. Regardless if you are 20, 40, or 60, maintaining a healthy weight is essential for your well being. By maintaining a healthy weight, you can’t just combat certain chronic illnesses, but prevent many from occurring.

Have you been on a weight loss journey for years but feel that you simply can’t get it “right”? Don’t give up just, yet. Anne Iarchy made it her mission to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Today, we want to introduce you to Anne’s new book “5 Simple Steps to Releasing the Real You – How to become Confident, Happy and Fulfilled”.

Once you start reading it, it will be very hard putting it down. What is particularly nice is that Anne invites you to reflect without being preachy. It feels more like speaking with a friend who happens to be in a field she is very passionate about that you simply aren’t too familiar with.

In order to create a healthy lifestyle that will lead you to long-term results, Anne has developed a very straightforward, and easy to follow, 5-step system.  By incorporating her guidelines, and creating your own plan in the process, Anne will help you learn how to juggle a stressful life without being burned out at the end of the day, but become a happier and healthier version of yourself instead. Working with this book on your goals will do wonders for your confidence!

Reading the book you can see that Anne has put a lot of thought into developing her plan. Her five steps build up on one another, helping you kickstart the new you in the most effective way. At first, she will explain the problems we face in modern society and give you the confidence to let go of certain ideas. This is then followed by the 5 Steps plan, which will lead you to change your mindset about your day to day behaviour and habits, nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Each chapter will give you a detailed explanation, and many examples, which will help you understand what to do next, while giving you the feeling that you are part of something much bigger.

What our team enjoyed the most, and found very helpful, was that Anne doesn’t just share her clients’ experiences and success stories with the reader, but gives you a journaling opportunity as well. Having you actively participate in creating your own plan is so much more satisfying than just receiving a sheet of paper to follow from your personal trainer. In order to create a plan that suits your individual needs best, you will have to go deep within yourself  and answer some hard hitting questions about yourself. We recommend to have a new notebook ready before starting to read this book. You can find some really nice ones here.

Want to work with Anne and book a consultation? You can contact her via her website , Facebook, and Instagram.

You can find her book on her website, Amazon, as well as in various bookshops.

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