Meet the Owners: Orna and Yair Moore of the Canaan Gallery

Photo: Courtesy of Canaan Gallery What inspired you to start your business, Canaan Gallery? The story of the inspiration of Canaan Gallery starts with two loose ends Orna and Yair Moore. As a ten years old girl Orna remembers babysitting her neighbour’s daughter. The neighbour used to go to a small room and Orna through […]

10 Reasons Why We Love Winter

Photo: Courtesy of Pixabay Snow The moment the first snow falls we turn into little children who drop everything they are doing to run outside. We firmly believe that you have to experience the first snow of the season while outdoors. Even if you are only stepping out on to the balcony for a moment. […]

Meet the Artist: Naomi Cohen of Prints by Naomi

Photo: Courtesy of Naomi Cohen Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. My name is Naomi, I am on a wild creative journey exploring natural motifs in Judaism, particularly the pomegranate – an auspicious symbol of fertility, positive attributes and deeds, and with a silent but regular present in the Hebrew Bible. […]

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