5 Intimate Wedding Venues in New York

Shop: mbeestemplatestore Photo: Courtesy of ETSY Sometimes all the guests you need at your wedding are your closest friends and dearest family members. Or no one at all, but two witnesses to sign the paperwork. It’s entirely up to you! At the end of the day, all you need is love. Make it one to […]

5 Beautiful Wedding Venues outside New York City

Shop: mbeestemplatestore Photo: Courtesy of ETSY Are you thinking about getting married outside of the city? Regardless of whether you’re planning an intimate celebration of your love for one another surrounded by your nearest and dearest, or an elegant and sophisticated black-tie affair with every single person you know, the options you have in upstate […]

5 Unique Wedding Venues in New York

Shop: AJsDigitalStudio Photo: Courtesy of ETSY Who wants to get married in the same place as a majority of their friends and most of their cousins? Not to mention colleagues, in-laws, future in-laws and the like! Surprise your family and friends with an unexpected wedding location and make your big day unforgettable for your guests! […]

5 Outdoor Wedding Venues in New York

Shop: MorableDesigns Photo: Courtesy of ETSY There is something magical about getting married on the roof of a building. No matter if in London, Paris or New York. But especially in New York! Imagine yourself sipping on a delicious cocktail taking in the breathtakingly beautiful views New York’s rooftops have to offer. A cosy spot […]

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