5 Unique Wedding Venues in New York

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Who wants to get married in the same place as a majority of their friends and most of their cousins? Not to mention colleagues, in-laws, future in-laws and the like!

Surprise your family and friends with an unexpected wedding location and make your big day unforgettable for your guests!

There are numerous beautiful and unique wedding venues available that are not your classical ballroom, museum or theatre event space. There is certainly no shortage in the State of New York.

Some occasions naturally call for an extra-special venue. Your wedding is one of them!

Have you ever considered getting married in an aquarium, a castle, a French inspired mansion, or your local Botanical Gardens?

A more and more popular choice, in our part of the world at least, are wedding celebrations in traditional breweries and historical distilleries.

We have put together a handful of different event spaces you may want to have a closer look at.

Atlantis Banquets & Events

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Houston Hall

Maison Albion

The William Vale New York

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