5 Outdoor Wedding Venues in New York

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Photo: Courtesy of ETSY

There is something magical about getting married on the roof of a building. No matter if in London, Paris or New York. But especially in New York!

Imagine yourself sipping on a delicious cocktail taking in the breathtakingly beautiful views New York’s rooftops have to offer. A cosy spot high above the city, surrounded by your loved ones, is a wonderful place to get married in. No one will decline an invitation to celebrate your love, especially if sunset views are included!

New York City is home to many gems boasting gorgeous rooftops. You can rest assured that each and every venue we have put together for you will make your wedding an unforgettable event. Your guests will be talking about it for many years to come.

620 Loft & Garden

Midtown Loft and Terrace

Monarch Rooftop

Ravel Hotel

Tribeca 360° Rooftop

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