Meet the Artist: Helene Hirsch of ChaiSigns18

Photo: Courtesy of ChaiSigns18 Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.   I am a 62-year-old mom of two terrific young adults. Hubby and I met on Kibbutz Maagan Michael’s Ulpan and we have been happily married for 33 years.  I’m a competitive swimmer and have medaled in local, national, and international swim […]

Our 18 Favourite Baby Names of 2020!

Many people we know were blessed to welcome new-born babies into their families. Some of our favourite names that have been chosen this year are the following: Girls, Girls, Girls … Maya Meaning: Spring/Water Tamar Meaning: Date/Palm Tree Noa Meaning: Movement/Motion Shop: Lieblingslaedchen Shop: Waitname Shop: DevarimYafirmo Yael Meaning: Mountain Goat Sarah Meaning: Princess Eden […]

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