Product Review: The Deck of the Hebrew Letters

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We are beyond thrilled to be able to showcase an intriguing new product and introduce you to The Deck of the Hebrew Letters by Mick Frankel.

The Deck of the Hebrew Letters is a non-traditional divination deck that will bring you closer to the magic that comes with the deeper analysis of the Hebrew alphabet. The deckillustrates wonderfully the fascinating elements which are connected to each individual letter of the Hebrew alphabet, ranging from their numerical value to their astrological correspondence according to the Sefer Yetzirah.

The Deck of the Hebrew Letters has been devised by astrologer and tarot reader Mick Frankel, and illustrated by talented artist James Douglas. The intricate details and design of the cards show that a lot of love and finesse went into the creation process.

Together, they have succeeded in designing a deck of cards that is a sheer delight to look at and a highly informative and easy to understand design.

The beautifully illustrated cards will easily help you familiarise yourself with the Hebrew letters and their attributes, one letter at the time.

In any case, you do not have to worry if you do not speak Hebrew as you do not have to know the language in order to useThe Deck of the Hebrew Letters.It will not take you a lot of time to familiarise yourself with the letters and is certainly a great deck for beginners.

We highly suggest to take the time to get to know the cards thoroughly for you to be able to achieve intuitive readings later on without having to consult the informative leaflet that comes with the deck.

The Deck of the Hebrew Letters can be read in a variety of different ways, which makes it a highly versatile one.

A very good idea is to use the cards, while you still familiarise yourself with the deck, as an oracle. This will not only help you learn the name of the individual letters and their unique attributes, but to learn how the deck can guide you through a specific problem in your life. An example would be as follows:

Let’s say for a moment that you were pulled into an argument within your family or that you are stuck with a problem at work. For the cards to guide you through it, you would ask them for guidance in this matter while shuffling the cards, you would then intuitively stop shuffling the deck and draw a card. Let’s say it were to be the letter א. You would then look up its attributes in the accompanying leaflet. The letter א shows its numerical value to be 1, the corresponding astrological element to be air, and the basic quality to say “ Be cool-headed. Think clearly. Use your intellect”.

You will quickly recognise that The Deck of the Hebrew Letters is a very positive one. We truly enjoy that the quality each and every letter represents is of a highly motivational and deeply encouraging nature.

Another option to use the cards is to read them using inequality. Mick gives the wonderful example of a querent seeking to have a closer look at their work/life balance and how it is perceived by the people around them. In this scenario, you would draw one Hebrew letter to represent “work” while the second one represents “life”. Depending on the numerical value of each of the letters, you will be able to see how close or how far away from one another the balance is perceived. The first card focuses on the perception of the querent, the second one on the outside world.

A further option presented to utilise The Deck of the Hebrew Letters is to use the card to generate a number between 1 and 150 for you to read a Psalm fitting to your query. The number is generated by drawing three cards followed a simple maths exercise. An exception is being made should you draw Psalm 119, which is described in great detail in the accompanying leaflet.

The final option presented is to solely focus on the letters at hand and the three-letter roots many Hebrew words, especially verbs, have. In this scenario you are to draw three letters and to consult a Hebrew dictionary. This approach makes a wonderful opportunity to follow your intuition when solving a problem while, at the same time, expanding your Hebrew vocabulary.

Something truly important that can not be pointed out often enough, especially for someone with small hands, is the size of the cards. It is perfect! Not too big, not too small. The cards are comfortable to hold, very easy to shuffle unlike many other decks in the market, and of superior quality.

This deck makes a very special present to give to someone close to you who is interested in divination as well as mindful living. Rest assured that they will treasure this wonderful gift for generations to come.

Curious about the person who has devised this beautiful deck of cards? We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mick Frankel for our magazine. You can find the interview here.

Interested in purchasing The Deck of the Hebrew Letters? Please contact Mick Frankel directly via email at [email protected].

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Photos: Courtesy of Judaica in the Spotlight

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