Guest Post by Jewish Wedding Glass Artist Talia Cywiak

Photos: Courtesy of Talia Cywiak

My name is Talia, I am a Belgo-Israeli artist specialized in glass art. My studio is in Tel Aviv and I ship my creations all over the world.

I was so honored to be contacted and interviewed by Judaica in the Spotlight a few months ago, and I am so happy today to write this post and announce the launch of my new collection

of Jewish wedding gifts.

As you know, I specialized in creating stained glass art and I get many wonderful and interesting requests on unique custom designs. The main techniques I work with are Tiffany stained glass, glass mosaic and glass painting. I used to create stained glass windows for home and synagogue decoration, but also create sun catchers and glass items on my online website and platform for home and garden decoration.

Three months ago, I received a very special request that particularly touched my heart.

Someone asked me if I could make glass art with the broken Chuppah glass!

Wow! What a great idea for a wedding gift!

I just fell in love with the idea. Of course, I started to think of all the possibilities and options to give my client.

As an avid artist, I enjoyed the challenge and started to dream and imagine finished products.

My client chose to commission a Tiffany stained glass wall art. The Chuppah glass shards were beautifully integrated into the design and gave that unique and emotional touch to the artwork. The stained glass artwork represented the tree of life, the main colors were orange, brown, beige and yellow. I loved doing a 3D effect with the glass shards and with the lines of the leaves on the tree.

My client was wonderfully surprised and happy when she saw the result and told me know how satisfied and touched the couple was with the gift.

I felt so grateful and could feel the emotion shared through the artwork.

I loved it so much that I decided to start a collection of personalized Jewish wedding gifts.

I started thinking about emotional and romantic Judaica creations that would reflect the love and emotion shared on a wedding day and in a couple. I am so proud of this collection.

In this collection, customers will find wall art, glass Mezuzot, glass Hamsot that will be created with the broken glass from their wedding.

The wall art can be personalized with the color of the frame, the color of the letters, the date of the wedding, the names of the bride and groom (English or Hebrew writing). But also, in the background, a piece of the bride’s veil.

I developed Judaica designs like a Chuppah, a Magen David, the Hebrew letter Shin and the Hebrew word Ahava and romantic designs like butterflies and hearts.

I even took the idea a step further and developed Chuppah broken glass kits.

The ability to purchase the glass to break, beautifully colored and decorated in a Judaica pouch with wall art, Mezuzah or Hamsa.

I love this new collection so much that I can already tell you that new designs and ideas on Jewish wedding gifts will be added continuously, I have new ideas and can’t wait to introduce them.

Customers can always contact me with special requests for custom orders, I will be delighted to meet their expectations.

The world of weddings is a dream world, I dream with the couple through my creations. I create to make the couple dream…. To continue the dream, day by day, even after the wedding and keep the feeling and emotions just by looking at this wedding keepsake.

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Photos: Courtesy of Talia Cywiak

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