Tallit Expert Sharona Lomberg on “The Thread That Connects Us”!

© Pardes Designs Sharona Lomberg: Artist, Designer, Owner of Pardes Designs   As an Israeli Yemenite girl seeing Tallitot (plural for Tallit) was something I just took for granted. It was when I started painting Judaica on silk that my curiosity got the better of me. I realized that the garment I saw and took for granted […]

Tallit, Tallitot

Meet The Artist: Barbara Thiede of Not My Brother’s Kippah

I am a professor of Religious Studies at UNC Charlotte in North Carolina and director of the graduate studies program in that department. I teach Jewish history, courses on antisemitism, the marketing of the Holocaust and a wide assortment of classes on Tanakh (Hebrew Bible). I also teach history and Tanakh for the seminary where […]

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