Meet The Newest Subscription Box Company: Hasod

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking is part of the Israeli culture and Hasod came to life with the idea of sharing and connecting undiscovered Israeli Artists and Designers with the world.

We strive to share Israeli innovation, creativity, spirituality and more through Art and Design. Bring little pieces of Israel through subscription boxes and through individual beautiful chosen products.

We invite you to explore Israel through us. Give back by supporting local artists and designers. Get to know them through their personal stories, see what they do, and bring pieces of Israel to your home or to the home of loved ones.

From near or far, we hope you enjoy connecting through us!

What inspired you to start your business?

Israel inspired us to start Hasod, and we believe that Israel is also the inspiration for all of our artists and designers.

How and where do you work?

We are based out of Israel and ship worldwide.

How do you source your products?

Israel is a country that just bursts with creativity, it is never easy to choose the products that will be in each box because there is so much amazing stuff to choose from!

We are constantly in the hunt for amazing artists with inspiring stories.

How do you decide what makes it into the box?

The boxes are seasonal, so we choose products that match each season. We love good stories, so that is something that is very important as well!

How do you know when a box is ready?

We like to check with our subscribers, when you think it’s ready, we do as well…

What was in the first box you ever sold and where did you send it to?

Our Spring Box is our First EVER Box and we already have subscribers in the States, Canada, London and Israel!

Do you do “bespoke” themed – boxes for clients?

Sure we do! We are always looking to connect to our consumer and are happy to curate something special for someone special. Contact us!

What do you want to achieve with your company and what are your wishes for the future?

We are on a mission to help the hidden artists and designers of Israel get exposure to the world by curating quarterly subscription boxes for you!

We have traveled throughout the country and met the most amazing and creative artists and designers and believe you should meet them too!

Have you seen our picks for our Spring Box!? Sign up to get it!

Check us out on Instagram @hasod_store

Where can we find out more about your business?

Our site is

You can follow our steps on Facebook Hasod_Store  and on Instagram @hasod_store

*If you order before February 29th, 2020 Hasod gives our readers $10 off of the Spring Box! Use WELCOMETOHASOD at checkout!*

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