April Birthstone: 18 Diamond Jewellery Pieces You Need This Month!

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend …” – Today we are all about diamonds! Did you know that diamonds are considered April’s birthstone and symbolise innocence, harmony, and purity?

Diamonds can be found in places such as India, Australia, and South Africa and are most commonly found in white. But they also exist in an array of different colours, including green and pink!  

Believed to be the rarest and most valuable gemstone in the world diamonds are also deemed to be the hardest mineral to be found on earth.

Admired by different cultures for millennia and revered in jewellery for as long, it does not come as a surprise that jewellery designers throughout the world continue to create stunningly beautiful gemstone jewellery using diamonds in a variety of ways.

We have put together a list of our 18 favourite contemporary designs of the season. Let the shopping begin!

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Photos: Courtesy of ETSY

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