18 Challah Covers Your Family Will Love!

Setting the table for Friday night dinner is always something very enjoyable for us. You get to use your special table linen, your tableware that only comes out on Shabbat and your favourite Judaica pieces. For us, it is all about combining tradition with modern life and contemporary design. This is why we love to add a little decorative something every now and then to our tables. These could be anything from small ceramic birds to glass figurines. We like to work with different colours and materials!

When it comes to Challah covers, we love matching them to our table décor. If you ask us, you should have at least three in your home. There are so many beautiful and versatile designs out there; it would be a pity to use the same one week after week after week. Some fantastic examples are the ones you can see below.

Shop: Amy Rosen Art

Photos: Courtesy of Amy Rosen Art

Shop: Ella Judaica

Photos: Courtesy of ETSY

Shop: Three Generations 1

Photos: Courtesy of ETSY

Shop: Edna Silk

Photos: Courtesy of ETSY

Shop: Sababé Home Decor  

Photos: Courtesy of ETSY

Shop: Goren Judaica

Photos: Courtesy of ETSY

We hope to have been able to help you find Challah covers to add to your personal collection and invite you to have a look at some of the loveliest Shabbat candleholders you will ever come across online. Speaking about candleholders, have you already seen these stunning artistic Shabbat candle lighting blessings? The perfect present for the special women in your life!

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