18 Candle Holder Sets You Must Have to Light Your Shabbat Candles in Style!

Inviting Shabbat into your home on a Friday night is something very special. It is a beautiful tradition no one should miss from their lives. Can you imagine a better way to welcome it than by lighting candles?

To make your candle lighting ritual even more special, we want to introduce you to these stunning, handmade, candle holder sets.

Shop: Orly Rabinowitz

Photo: Courtesy of ETSY


Photo: Courtesy of ETSY

Shop: Ceramics By Orly

Photo: Courtesy of ETSY

Shop: Najes Designs Judaica

Photo: Courtesy of ETSY

Shop: SheviB Glass Creations  

Photo: Courtesy of ETSY

Shop: Shakuf Design

Photo: Courtesy of ETSY

Now that you have found the perfect design for your home, all you need to get started are some candles, matches, and your favourite Shabbat candle lighting blessing. If you consider purchasing an artistic blessing to display next to your candle holders, we invite you to have a closer look at the wonderful designs you can find here.

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