5 Ireland based Photographers to Capture Your Irish Proposal before you get married in New York City

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There is a very special energy you can feel the moment you step off the plane in Dublin airport.

For many couples flying in from overseas, it’s the excitement of visiting this stunningly beautiful place together, the anticipation of making memories discovering the island.

More often than not, for one of them it’s also nerves about the secret they have been keeping for oh so long they can barely keep to themselves any longer. Dreaming about their upcoming wedding proposal and making sure that the engagement ring is still safely stored in their pocket, without giving anything away to their soulmate is not the easiest task for the calmest of people.

Asking your one true love to spend the rest of their life with you is likely the most important question you will ever ask someone. Doing so in Ireland makes it even more memorable!

No matter if rain or shine, nothing can take away from this country’s beauty. Maybe the smile of your soon-t0-be fiancé/e after you ask them to marry you.

We highly recommend having a local wedding photographer capture this special moment in your lives for you to share with future generations to come. It is something you will cherish forever! Working with a professional has the benefit that you can turn your secret proposal shoot instantly into an unforgettable engagement one. Prepare to be wow-ed by all the magical places your photographer will be able to show you, which otherwise you would have missed out on.






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