48 Halloween Decorations for your Home

Happy October, dear friends! You know what this means: the spooky season is around the corner and will be upon us sooner than we can even decorate our homes! In any case, you shouldn’t leave it to the last second.

While different ways of observing this festival can be found around the world, something many people have in common is to decorate their homes with seasonal decorations. You certainly don’t have to host a Halloween party to invite Halloween in to your home (albeit it always is a lot of fun)!

Even if you just throw on a costume and wait for your neighbours’ children to come by to trick-or-treat, we suggest to get some decorations going sooner rather than later. How about taking it up a notch this year and not just put some carved pumpkins in front of your front door?

We have put together a wonderful list of seasonal décor for our readers, we fell in love with this year. You can find our favourite picks below.

There are a variety of lovely pieces waiting for you, ranging from Halloween inspired stickers for your windows, to art prints, gorgeous suncatchers, adorable vases, spooky lanterns, contemporary garlands featuring pumpkins or ghosts, fitting displays for your mantelpiece, pumpkin tealight holders, skeleton lights and even a ceramic ghost!


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