10 Books That Will Bring You a Step Closer To Papercut Like a Pro

Have you been admiring the Art of Papercutting for a while now and want to give it a try yourself? We always recommend our readers to purchase a few guide books to learn more about the art itself, follow the exercises in them, and to learn how to compose and create harmony in designs that are a little bit more complex.

The guide books recommended here today have been written by professional artists who have been practicing this beautiful art form for a very long time. You will enjoy the easy to follow explanations as well as the chosen exercises. It is all about continuous practice. If you start now, you will be able to surprise your loved ones with gorgeous handmade, and very detailed, papercuts in time for the holiday season!

We hope that you will enjoy working with these amazing guide books, one cut at the time, and can not wait to see your first pieces. You can always tag us on Instagram after uploading your work!

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