45 + Wedding & Engagement Ring Designs

Photo: Courtesy of Nir Oliva

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Finding an engagement ring to propose with is not an easy task. An engagement ring is different from any other ring a person will ever wear throughout their life. It is the beginning of something very special. Something magical.

Finding the ideal wedding rings to match both your personalities and lifestyle is even more complex. Choosing your wedding rings is a once in a lifetime experience. It takes a lot of time and consideration.

To help you with this task, we have curated a small selection of exceptional rings for the modern day couple. These gorgeous engagement rings and weddings bands were designed with you in mind, to become future heirlooms, and be part of your family’s history. We firmly believe that you never really own a piece of jewellery; you merely keep it for the next generation.

We are in awe of the dedication, expertise, creativity, and the talent of the jewellery designers featured in this article. It’s not hard to fall head over heels in love with their enchanting designs. The love for their profession can been seen in each and every one of the delicate details they have incorporated into their work.

Created by sourcing the finest diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals for their stunning rings, ranging from timeless classics to contemporary designs, we hope you will find what you have been looking for.

Big moments in life need to be celebrated with stunning jewellery, or what do you say?


Photos: Courtesy of JewellRay


Photos: Courtesy of HYDRAjw

Rimon Fine Jewelry

Photos: Courtesy of Rimon Fine Jewelry

Gispan Jewelry and Diamonds

Photos: Courtesy of Gispan Jewelry and Diamonds

Lily and Dahlia Fine Jewelry

Photos: Courtesy of Lily and Dahlia Fine Jewelry

Inbar Fine Jewelry

Photos: Courtesy of Inbar Fine Jewelry

Malka Ravina Jewelry

Photos: Courtesy of Malka Ravina Jewelry

Orit Sosner Jewelry Art

Photos: Courtesy of Orit Sosner Jewelry Art

Inbar Alezraki

Photos: Courtesy of Inbar Alezraki, who was so kind and offered to create a coupon code for our readers! Use JUDAICA10 for 10% off your order.


Photos: Courtesy of Benati

Nir Oliva

Photos: Courtesy of Nir Oliva

Ilan Amir Jewelry

Photos: Courtesy of Ilan Amir Jewelry

Liran Shani

Photos: Courtesy of Liran Shani

Averie Art & Jewelry

Photos: Courtesy of Averie Art & Jewelry

Eli Hubsch Jewelry

Photos: Courtesy of Eli Hubsch Jewelry

Silly Shiny Diamonds

Photos: Courtesy of Silly Shiny Diamonds

Some couples decide to design and create their own wedding rings. With the help of an expert guide like Eli, it’s not very hard. He would be thrilled to help you create yours. You can find more information about his workshop here.

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