Meet the Artist: Elana Younger

Photo: Courtesy of Elana Younger Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I was born and raised in the Orthodox community of Cincinnati, Ohio. I consider myself intellectually curious, philosophical. Most of my free time is spent working on my art projects and exploring new mediums. I have a strong passion for […]

Our 5 Favourite Jewish Museums We Miss Visiting The Most in Europe and Where To Follow Them on Instagram

Shop: Judaica Hungarica / Photo: Courtesy of ETSY We miss going to museums and we know we are not the only ones. Can you remember the last time you set foot into your favourite Jewish museum? It feels like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? We can not thank the dedicated museum professionals enough for trying […]

Meet the Rabbi: Elyssa Cherney

Photo: Courtesy of Rabbi Elyssa Cherney Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I’m a rabbi, mom and creator of holy moments. I lead and create lifecycle rituals for couples and families in Philadelphia and beyond who are dreaming of a new way to engage with Judaism. The most important aspect of […]

10 Reasons Why Passover Should Be Your Favourite Holiday

Photos: Courtesy of SaltwareDesign 10. Judaica: We know how much you enjoy celebrating Jewish holidays when you get to use your favourite Judaica items for the ceremonial part of the evening. Passover is the perfect holiday for this! You will get to use your gorgeous Seder plate and its matching Matzah plate, a beautifully made […]

Meet the Artist: Maggi Feldman-Deutsch of Made by Maggi

Photo: Courtesy of Maggi Feldman-Deutsch Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. My name is Maggi Feldman-Deutsch. I’m originally from Upstate NY and I came to Israel three years ago on a MASA program where I volunteered in an Israeli school teaching kids how to speak English. I found love and also […]

36 Floral Home Blessings We Love This Spring! (And All Year Long)

Spring has arrived in our part of the world a while ago and we have to admit that we have fallen in love all over again with the beautiful landscape we are surrounded by. While it is stunning all year round, there is something extra special about it during springtime. We love to observe how […]

27 Floral Cookie Cutters We Can Not Wait to Use This Spring!

Creating elegant and sophisticated cookies has never been easier! Do you love baking and want to bring yours to the next level? You came to the right place. Welcome to the club! When it comes to cooking and baking in general, we enjoy creating desserts that suit the season we find ourselves in. There is […]

Meet the Artist and Costume Designer: Jess Gersz

Photo: Courtesy of Jess Gersz Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. Originally from Rochester New York I have lived in Brooklyn for the last eight years. My education took me from the University at Albany to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign where I studied to receive my MFA in […]