15 + Matzah Covers & Afikoman Bags

Don’t you just love setting your Passover table? It’s one of the holidays we get most excited about. Mainly because we get to cook for a group of people and host them for a few hours. We simply love celebrating holidays in a communal setting. It can be in the form of a buffet, a multi course dinner, or a potluck. Depending on the year, the occasion, and how many people are invited of course.

Something that is very important to us is for our dinner parties to have a theme. Maybe this is why we enjoy Passover as much as we do? Who knows?

What we love about larger dinners the most is setting the table. And what can’t be missed at a Passover table? Exactly! Seder and Matzah plates, as well as Matzah Covers and Afikoman bags. Today, we want to introduce you to some of the most stunning designs of Matzah Covers and Afikoman Bags we have came across this season. We hope you will enjoy the selection and find something for your holiday table!

Armadillo Judaica Lovers

Photos: Courtesy of Armadillo Judaica Lovers

Gilded in Leather

Photos: Courtesy of Gilded in Leather

Yad Yael

Photos: Courtesy of Yad Yael

Art From Tzfat

Photos: Courtesy of Art From Tzfat

Ayelet Arts

Photos: Courtesy of Ayelet Arts


Photos: Courtesy of ThreeGenerations1

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