10 Facts You Did Not Know About the Hoopoe Bird

The Hoopoe is the National Bird of Israel

Photo: Courtesy of alicepaipai

In 2008, the Hoopoe was declared the national bird of Israel following a survey of over 150 000 citizens.

Hoopoes can be generally categorised into three types of living species.

Photo: Courtesy of SajeevBhaskaran

The three species are the African Hoopoe, Eurasian Hoopoe, and the Madagascan Hoopoe.

The Hoopoe measures between 25 – 32 cm in length

Photo: Courtesy of SajeevBhaskaran

Measuring between 25 – 32 cm in length, the Hoopoe has a wingspan of 44 – 48 cm and weighs between 46 and 89 g.

The Hoopoe has a trisyllabic song

Photo: Courtesy of Linda1978

The song of the Hoopoe is a very melodious “hoo-hoo-hoo”.

The Hoopoe is an omnivore

Photo: Courtesy of Takashi_Yanagisawa

Hoopoes mainly eat insects but will also consume small lizards, frogs, spiders, fruits and seeds.

The Hoopoe is monogamous and engages in Courtship Feeding

Photo: Courtesy of BarbeeAnne

While the Hoopoe is a monogamous bird, the pair-bond only lasts for one season.

The Hoopoe does not build its own nest using twigs

Photo: Courtesy of Woody_Wang

Rather than build their own nests, Hoopoes are known to inhabit pre-existing holes in vertical surfaces, such as the trunk of a tree.

The Hoopoe can emit unpleasant chemicals to ward of predators

Photo: Courtesy of Pixamio

Hoopoes have the capacity to point their tails at threatening animals and emit a foul stench to ward off predators.

The Hoopoe population is considered robust

Photo: Courtesy of MrLebies

It is believed that we can find between five and 10 million Hoopoes in the world.

The Hoopoe’s crest serves as a signalling role

Photo: Courtesy of BarbeeAnne

The Hoopoe’s crest feathers indicate to other animals what mood the bird is in. When his feathers rest firmly against its head, the Hoopoe is in a calm and relaxed state. When the crest feathers are raised and appear larger, it is a sign that the bird is agitated or excited about something.

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